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AmeriCorps Tree Planting

Posted on December 20, 2019

AmeriCorps Tree Planting

This past week, Public Works partnered with the Fire Department and their AmeriCorps team to plant 22 new trees in the Sun Valley neighborhood. The trees were planted in conjunction with the City’s Sidewalk Repair Program; a joint program between property owners and the City to repair and replace damaged sidewalks. Many times, sidewalk displacement is caused by roots that push up on the sidewalk. Often, the tree can be saved by trimming the offending roots. The City uses an arborist to evaluate the trees to determine their health and whether stability would be an issue if the roots were removed. In most cases, tree roots can safely be trimmed, or the sidewalk can be constructed in a way that would avoid the roots. In some cases, though, the tree needs to be removed and replaced with trees that will not push up the sidewalk. Thanks to the Fire Department and AmeriCorps, Sun Valley will continue to be a beautiful tree lined neighborhood!

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