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Alternative Response Team RFP – Q&A

Submitting questions

Questions shall be submitted to and will be responded to on a rolling basis till October 21, 2022.


Question 1: Are there specific credentials or certifications for an ART staff person to be classified as a Crisis Counselor versus a Licensed Clinician?

  • Answer:  While there are no specific credential or certifications required, an ART Crisis Counselor would be someone with a background or education in mental health or experience in crisis intervention.  A staff member could be someone who is a licensed clinician, but this is not mandatory.

Question 2:  Can you please define the 12-hour work day, specifically, are all 12 hours required to be in the field? Or can some of that time include supervision time, reporting, shift changes, etc?

  • Answer:  The 12-hour work day does not necessitate being in the field the entire time.  Meal breaks, reporting, training and other duties as assigned are expected to pull the team from the field.  However, priority calls may dictate an immediate response.

Question 3: Does the City have a preference for what the daily 12-hour schedule should be?

  • Answer:  The hours for the 12-hour day is still being considered.  However, it will likely be somewhere between 0800 – 2000 hours, 0900 – 2100 hours or 1000 – 2200 hours.

Question 4: Regarding the ART vehicle: Just to confirm the vehicle would be purchased with the $207k start-up funds? Would the vehicle be owned by the City or the Service Provider? Can you please confirm that the vehicle fuel and maintenance costs would be covered by the City of San Rafael or does the Service Provider need to include those costs in the annual operating budget? Where would the vehicle need to be parked?

  • Answer:  Yes, the vehicle would be owned and maintained by the City of San Rafael.  The projected start-up costs for vehicle procurement is $180,000. The projected annual operating expenses for fuel, insurance and maintenance is approximately $40,000.  These costs should be included in the proposal.  Parking of the vehicle would be at the service provider’s office in San Rafael for easy access and deployment.
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