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Aldersly Retirement Community Master Plan Amendment

rendering or proposal

Address: 308 and 326 Mission Ave
APNs: 014-054-31
Project Numbers: PLAN21-041, ED20-051, IS20-003, NM20-001, UP20-022, ZC20-001
Applicant: Peter Lin, Greenbrie
Project Planner: Jayni Allsep, Contract Planner


Project Description

The project proposes phased improvements over the next ten years that include demolition and renovation of existing buildings, and construction of new buildings on the Aldersly Campus.  At buildout of the Development Plan in approximate ten years (2031), the project would result in a new three‐story Independent Living (IL) building along Mission Avenue, a new Independent Living building on the western portion of the site, a new service building along Belle Avenue, three renovated/reconfigured buildings, and new outdoor spaces including a memory care garden, activity lawn, and rose terrace.  The project, which includes demolition of six existing buildings, construction of three new buildings, and additions/renovations to four existing buildings, would result in fourteen (14) additional independent living units, an increase from 55 units to 69 units. The number of Assisted Living/Memory Care beds (35 beds) and Skilled Nursing beds (20 beds) would remain unchanged. The number of on-site parking spaces would increase from 48 to 56 spaces at buildout of the Aldersly Development Plan.

Project Status

  • The project received DRB recommendation for approval on December 7, 2021
  • A Notice of Preparation (NOP) including the Initial Study was published on November 22, 2021.  The NOP is the first step in the EIR process and is intended to solicit comments concerning the scope of issues to be addressed in the EIR.  
  • The Planning Commission held an EIR Scoping meeting on December 14, 2021.  Public comments were accepted until Wednesday, December 23, 2021.
  • The Montecito Area Residents Association (MARA) held a special meeting on January 27, 2022, to provide a forum for additional neighborhood input.

Next Steps: 

  • Preparation of the Draft EIR (DEIR) is now in progress. It is expected that completion of the DEIR will take approximately three (3) months. Once the DEIR is completed, a Notice of Availability (NOA) will be released initiating a 45-day public review period for comment on the DEIR. 
  • The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the DEIR during the 45-day public review period and will provide the public an opportunity to comment on the adequacy of the document.
  • Following the 45-day public review period for the DEIR, the environmental consultant will respond to the comments raised during the review period and prepare a Final EIR (FEIR). 
  • The FEIR, along with the project merits, will be considered by the Planning Commission and the City Council at noticed public hearings. 
  • Because the project requires an amendment to the approved PD Development Plan (Zoning Amendment,) the Planning Commission action will be a recommendation to the City Council with the City Council taking final action. 
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