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6 Utility Boxes are Getting Painted in Downtown San Rafael!

Posted on May 10, 2019


**We are currently not accepting applications to paint utility boxes but will re-evaluate as budgeting and policy changes. Please check back here for any future updates.**

You might have noticed some painting of public property downtown this week. Don’t worry, these street artists have a permit!

The 2019 San Rafael Leadership Institute (SRLI) class project kicked off this week: bringing art to Downtown San Rafael on six City-owned utility boxes around the Downtown corridor and transit center. The San Rafael Leadership Institute (SRLI) is a San Rafael Chamber of Commerce marquee program, and is comprised of public, private, and non-profit professionals and business leaders seeking to make a difference in their community. City of San Rafael participants in the 2019 program include Lindsay Lara (City Clerk), Lauren Monson (City Attorney), and Talia Smith (Public Works).

Each year the class selects a project that fits with the Chamber’s core values and mission. Given heightened attention on the Downtown area including SMART’s expansion and the addition of new businesses, and the City’s recent Cultural District designation, this year’s class decided to pursue a project focused on downtown beautification. The option that the class was most excited about and was most feasible within the time frame was commissioning the painting of six utility boxes.

In April the class put out a formal “Call for Artists” for the emPOWER Communities to Create project and received 10 design submissions total. The class selected 6 final artists, including one Youth in Arts submission and one art student from Dominican University. The artists will receive a $750 stipend for the box from funds the class raised.

Save the date! The boxes will all be painted this month, and will be completed in time for a “grand unveiling” at the June 14th Artworks Downtown 2nd Friday Art Walk. We hope you join us and check out this new public art in Downtown San Rafael!

Locations where boxes will be painted:

Location Artist
Lincoln & 2nd Youth in Arts
Lincoln & 3rd Yuan Chen
Lincoln & 4th Eyan Higgins Jones
Tamalpais & 3rd Mirto Golino
Tamalpais & 4th Stephanie Jucker
Tamalpais & Mission Joshua Brindley – Dominican University



Special thanks to DPW’s Omar Garcia, Thomas Wong, and Mark Wright who are providing assistance to the artists in encroachment permit and traffic control, prepping and priming the boxes, and coordinating to protecting the boxes in plywood while painting is ongoing.




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