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2023 Sewer Pipe Burst Project (Sanitation District)

Project Goals

To replace sewer mains and lower laterals on seven different locations including: Spring Grove Ave, W. Crescent St, Highland Ave, Alexander Ave, Scenic Ave, Glen Park Ave, and Pearce Rd.



Construction $1,080,000



This project proposes to combine badly needed repair work at seven locations on Highland Avenue near the intersection of Jewell Street, on Spring Grove Avenue between Greenflield Avenue and Terrace, on W. Crescent Avenue between Neame Avenue and Sunset Way, on Alexander Ave  from intersection with W Crescent Dr toward East, on rear of 96 Scenic Ave to rear of 19 Scenic, on intersection of Glen Park Ave and Roger Drive toward North, and on Pearce Rd between 138 and 198 Pearce Rd.   Bidding advertisement was on July 26 2023, and bid opening is expected on August 15, 2023.

Work Location Map

Bid documents can be downloaded from the below link:



Bidding August 2023
Construction  September 21 - November 24, 2023


Project Contact

Hardiman Construction Inc. (General Contractor)


Tim Tran (Project Manager)- Associate Civil Engineer

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