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2/7/19 – Sidewalk Repair Program Update: Catch up week to finish up Sun Valley

Posted on February 7, 2019

rain cloud evil

We love rain! Well, we used to. But now every time it rains we shake our fists at the cloudy sky and think “Noooooooo this is going to delay the sidewalk repair program construction!!”

Therefore, we have no new properties to report for construction the week of February 18th. We are still working on catching up on the properties from the 1/30/19 Update and the 1/24/19 Update:

  • 150 Forbes Ave
  • 1623 Fifth Ave
  • 1702 Fifth Ave
  • 210 H Street
  • 12 Harcourt St
  • 15 Eye St
  • 115 Center St
  • 1840 Fifth Ave
  • 1848 Fifth Ave
  • 1902 Fifth Ave

And hope you didn’t put your boots away yet – wet weather is expected this weekend and through next week. Stay tuned for more fist shaking and hopefully new properties to be added for three weeks out. But the completion of these properties is exciting news – once they’re done we will be finished with the Sun Valley neighborhood!

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