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Update: SMART Larkspur Extension – Phase 1 Near Completion

Posted on February 22, 2019


The SMART Larkspur Extension construction work on the Francisco Blvd. West realignment and Phase-1 of the Multi-Use Path (from Rice Street to Andersen Drive) is rapidly nearing completion.  The section of roadway from 2nd Street to Irwin Drive was opened for traffic earlier this month.

The Francisco Blvd. West and Rice Drive intersection, where the new rail crosses, has only one more lift of paving to complete.  The anticipated opening date for this intersection is mid-March.

The MUP Phase-1 has been delayed slightly due to the weather but is still moving forward.  The Contractor has one more slab pour at the north-end connecting to Rice Drive, and about 900-feet at the south-end for connection to Andersen Drive.

Irwin Drive and Francisco West open to traffic
North-end connection to Rice Drive
South-end connection to Andersen Drive
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