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12/10/18 – Weekly Weather Update from NWS

Posted on December 10, 2018

weather update 12-10-2018

Weekly Synopsis

The NWS predicts chances of isolated showers north of Santa Cruz today and tomorrow with a drying trend into Wednesday.  However, for the San Rafael area there isn’t much rain predicted until late Friday when a front moves through the area.  Then, we may expect a wet weekend containing light showers.

Peak tides throughout the week are predicted to be just under 6-ft, however, with the low a pressure front moving through the area, there is a peak residual of about 0.2 feet above predicted.  Tidally-influenced flooding is not expected this week.

Existing models continue to show about a 50% probability of above average wet conditions for December and January, but a warmer than average and dryer for February through April.

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