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101 NB Central San Rafael off-ramp bridge replacement presentation on March 15th City Council Meeting

Posted on March 5, 2021

Central SRF off ramp bridge replacement

On the March 15th City Council Meeting, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will be providing an informational report on the 101 NB Central San Rafael Off-Ramp Bridge Replacement project. In 1941, the bridge structure at the 101 NB Central San Rafael off-ramp was built and is now no longer seismically safe. Caltrans plans to remove and replace the existing bridge with an upgraded, seismically reinforced bridge. Additionally, Caltrans has worked with the City to incorporate the adding of a second right turn lane before 2nd Street to the project (there is currently only one). This will significantly reduce the traffic queuing that currently often backs up onto the freeway.

This is a major construction project and will have significant impacts to traffic at the NB 101 Central San Rafael exit. The project will require several extended closures for intensive construction. Starting Friday, March 19, 2021 at 10 PM to Monday, March 22 at 5 AM, Caltrans will implement a full off-ramp closure as part of this project. This is the first of three, 55-hour weekend closures related to this project. All detours are provided on the Caltrans project website, as well as, the City project website. Please note: these dates and times are subject to change. For most up to date news, please visit the project website.

DPW has been working diligently alongside Caltrans to get out all traffic advisories regarding this project to the public so they remain well-informed and engaged. This presentation would be an opportunity to inform the public and the San Rafael City Council about the project and answer any questions the Council may have.


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